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Research in travel, transportation and hospitality is our core competence.
We frequently produce data snapshots, panel research and market overviews which you can download here.
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Travel, Transport & Hospitality Analytics

The tourism and passenger transport sector is one of the richest in data at global level. The conveying of purchasing processes on digital channels has generally increased the availability of data for hotels, rails, aviation and leisure experiences. The migration of companies to travel company platforms has accelerated control processes. The large amount of data, however, does not imply all of it is useful. We help our customers identify the right questions, strategic issues in their analyses, most appropriate data. With appropriate costs and timing, for the production of value.

Competenze verticali Transportation & Hospitality

The sectors of hospitality, tourism and (passenger) transport are characterized by strong peculiarities. In order to operate with awareness, also when facing large investments, it is necessary to know the fundamentals not only of operations, but of demand too. They are dynamic markets that present great opportunities, but at the same time they witness frequent imbalances and evolving business models. In order to affect advisory projects in these areas, direct experience from the industry is often required. The mere application of patterns and models derived from other production sectors can lead to missteps and generate losses.

THRENDS is a partner of ITHIC, the Italian Hospitality Investment Conference

THRENDS is the leading sectoral content and commercial intelligence provider for ITHIC, the largest hotel investment event in Italy. Our support for ITHIC covers the definition of the contents of the Conference, the creation of personal relationships for speakers and participants and the study of the evolution of the Conference format.

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