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Industry Census

Thrends collects business-oriented data and produces in-depth analysis and census for the hospitality industry. Thrends is building an information network for industry analysis and trends impacting the hospitality sector. The purpose of the Industry Census is to provide companies with data on the state of specialty and the hospitality industry that can be used to inform business expansion.

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Competitive Set

Benchmarking allows you to maximize performance through a better understanding of the competition. The best way to do this is to build the ideal Competitive set. Make the most of benchmarking by including properties recommended by our experts in your Competitive set, who draw on our comprehensive database and model archive to ensure you get hands-on insights into the competition.

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Elevate your research with Thrends’ Industry Snapshots. Industry Snapshots are in-depth reports that carry the latest industry news, company news industry overview, market scope, market trends, applications, regulatory environment and current challenges.

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Financial and real markets

We help asset managers innovate growth strategies, build customer engagement and improve operations. We’re entering a new era in capital markets: A reshaping industry core, technology-led innovation and evolving digital value chains will challenge the business and operating models of every capital markets firm in the years ahead.

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