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Niche Competence

analyze relevant information

Strategic Intelligence

The best actionable insight is created well away from a spreadsheet. A business strategy will allow you to address all your data problems and needs, develop a cohesive system, and keep it maintained. It is essential for business growth and to maintain competitive advantage. In the market it is important for organisations to recognise the value of the information customers provide so that they can alter their strategic vision and gain new perspective.

growth through expansion

Hotel Chains development

To better understand the future of hotel chains by exploring the evolving expectations of guests, potential innovations, emerging opportunities, and likely future scenarios.
In Thrends we analyze current events, industry reports, and recent trends to summarize and categorize the challenges and opportunities that hotel chains face daily.

Business en plein air


Economic, environmental and social sustainability are the main reasons why glamping, camping and outdoor hospitality are the fastest growing market. Campgrounds, caravan parks, recreation vehicle parks, and glamping have emerged from a low-cost tourism niche to a mainstream, versatile recreation experience, valued at different levels by different segments. We examine key international trends and offer contemporary insights into a sector overlooked by researchers in recent times.

Aligning hotel owners and operators’ goals

Operator and Brand search

The decision to brand a hotel is an essential decision for an owner, as well as considering the operator for managing the property. These each have a lasting impact on value, income and the success of our clients. Relying on an expert in hotel branding, management contracts and negotiations, can be the difference maker between constant struggles in investor relationships and successful long-term relationships that build value and guest loyalty. Thrends’ experts in hotel management companies and negotiating agreements help owners make the right decisions.

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