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Vertical Expertise

Hospitality calls for dinamism, consolidation and resilience. The hospitality, tourism and transportation industry is one of the richest in data at global level. The conveying of sales on digital channels has generally increased the availability of data for hotels, rails, aviation and leisure real estate. The large amount of data, however, does not imply all of it is useful. We help our customers identify the right questions, strategic issues in their analyses, most appropriate data. We deliver within appropriate costs and time.

The art of growing big

Hotel Chains

We track hotel chains presence in Italy and master their business models and evolving strategies. Since almost 10 years we have invested in our knowledge base covering the market environment of branded hotels in Italy. Today THRENDS tracks over 8 years of data about who is who in the industry, for 215 brands and over 1,850 hotels in Italy. Thanks to this core competence we assist players to build their own brand development strategy, to partner with global players, to enter new destinations or segments or to identify new market opportunities.

Where every details matter

Luxury Hotels

We are involved in the evolution of luxury hospitality, on a daily basis. THRENDS has been involved in the complete census of luxury hotels in Italy, all properties classified with 5 stars. We master the full directory of all luxury hotels in Italy and we are ready to share this knowledge to support your next project in hospitality, your analyses and your acquisitions. Before you buy or you rent in the luxury tier, let’s discuss about market standards and average performance. We can do it based on over 700 records updated yearly.



Trasparency, Reliability and Comparability is what investors look for and this is what we deliver. Transactions data in Italy have historically been few, untransparent, unreliable. Valuations and related analyses have never been an easy task when based on comparables. We have invested over 2 years to build a complete new database for classfying transactions. Our knowledge is built by analysts and brokers based in Italy and covering just Italy. We constantly invest in monitoring the market on a daily base. So far our data cover over 800 transactions of any value (including the <10 mln € market) covering the last 10 years.

The business of building buildings

CapEx and Construction

Assessing CapEx in the planning process of a new development is critical. Italy today accounts for a very limited number of yearly new built hotels, while conversions, revamping and renovations are very frequent, especially in top destinations such as Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan were new building permissions are extremely limited. Through priviledged connections with investors, developers, owners and architects, THRENDS has gained access to over 270 completed works in revampings, light and heavy renovations, conversions and greenfield developments.

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