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Leisure RE

We participated in most S.A. developments in Italy

Serviced Apartments

We studied the Serviced apartments phenomena and made it easy understand. We are in your corner to help you make the best decisions possible, all based on more certainty and less risk. The real estate business is in continuous evolution and introducing new possibilities in the market. The serviced apartment refers to fully furnished properties which are available for both short or long term let. We will be looking at exactly what serviced accommodation is and, more importantly, how investors can profit from it.

We deep-dive into the maturity of the Italian marinas network


An Overview of Dry Docks, Wet Slips and Related Aquatic Real Estate Assets. With a successfull track record of over 10.000 berth planned, engineered or managed, our team masters marina and water-based developments with industry confidence, helping you achieve the most out of your marina investment.

We master market data for complex multi-segment developments

Theme Parks

Create regional and country strategies on the basis of local data and analysis. We created a database for planners, designers, and consultants working in the attractions industry. To better identify growth segments for investment and to outperform competitors using forecast data, understanding the drivers and the trends that shape the market.

We can support based on residential and hospitality experience

Mixed-use development

Mixed-use dedvelopments, the blend of food, shopping, sports, leisure venues and co-working spaces, are now explainded with data.Careful consideration, proper due diligence, and ample research of investing in mixed-use developments will assist in reducing exposure and risk of your investment. Investments come with a level of risk, but it’s always best to limit exposure and minimize that risk with the help of our databases and experience in the market.

We have been into the B.V. business for over 10 years

Branded Villas

Branded residences, the last frontier in the real estate sector. The global market for branded residences is continuing to expand, with brands looking for new locations to grow their portfolios. The last ten years has seen the number of branded residences increase by 230%. An understanding of local markets, careful buyer targeting and brand alignment is essential adn we at Thrends can provide just that.

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