Our management is expert, but our team is young. This ensures a constant strive for updates, curiosity and maximum flexibility in the approach to new info basis, projects, challenges.

Our analysts matured vertical experience in the sectors of hospitality, tourism infrastructures and transport, at the side of the main players in the environment.

Giorgio Ribaudo


Expert in tourism & hotel management and development, with an academic and managerial background in Hospitality, Giorgio began his career in operations in BW and LHW hotels in 1999. In 2002, he works as analyst for ECONSTAT, the most ancient tourism & travel advisory company in Italy (1982). From 2005 to 2011 he is part of the Travel, Leisure and Tourism division in KPMG. He then becomes responsible of project management for Horwath HTL (Rome office) in 2012 and Managing Director from 2017 to 2019.

At the same time, he is adjunct professor at the University of Bologna (since 2012), lecturer at Bocconi University and Pisa University. He has a 18-year experience in assistance and consulting for investors, owners and developers in the hospitality sector, also at intenational level. From 2013 to 2020 he was author of the annual report “Hotels & Chains in Italy”. He published on the “Journal of Travel Research” (1° journal in the global tourism area ranking). MBA at St. John’s University of New York (2008) and Bachelor in Tourism Economics at the University of Bologna (2002). He is one of the founding partners and administrator of THRENDS.

Edoardo Tartaglia


Edoardo, THRENDS responsible for the transport industry, matured a 20-year experience in sectors of transports, infrastructures and logistics. In particular, he was coordinator for the realization and implementation of the corporate renovation and reorganization plan for some of the primary operators in local and tourism transport. In the Aviation sector, he managed projects in the field of strategic reorganization for some of the most important Italian airports. He assisted several Local Public Transport companies in the main tourist destination in Italy (Milan, Florence, Rome, Modena, Rimini). He dealt with financial feasibility analysis and project financing for projects linked to the creation of transport infrastructures.

Between 2002 and 2009, within the transports BU of KPMG, he managed projects dealing with strategic palnning, business planning, market analysis, due diligence and process review.

Degree in Economics; he pursued an MBA with specialization in International Finance at the ST. John’s University of New York.

Andrea Agazzani


After the Degree in Management, Andrea matured several experiences linked to research, analysis and CRM, among which the experience in Trentino Marketing, DMO of Trentino, and the collaboration with the Trento University regarding the Life+T.E.N. project.

Thanks to his activity in THRENDS and Teamwork, Andrea has been able to enter in contact with many hotel groups, working on projects all over Italy. He specialized in market studies and analysis, feasibility valuations, creation of marketing concepts and product strategy and repositioning studies in the hospitality sector. Andrea graduated in Tourism Management at the Trento University (2017).

Valbona Sadiraj


Valbona matured a long experence (since 2003) in the field of human resources and corporate organization management, with experiences in the HR sector for research and management of personnel companies in the hotel industries in Rimini, Rome and Matera. She dealt with the start-up of the “Hotel Chains in Italy” database (2012) and actively supported more than 30 hotel development projects, with a focus on data collection and elaboration and local inquiries.

She pursued a Master in Tourism Economics (2005) and a Bachelor Degree in Economics (2003) at the University of Bologna.

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