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Analysis Luxury Database by THRENDS: Liguria

According to the THRENDS Luxury Hotels Database, the Liguria region, with 19 facilities in 2022, is in tenth place for the number of 5-star hotels. In the years 2013 – 2022, the supply of luxury accommodation facilities grew at a CAGR of +7.4%. In 2013, the presence of chain hotels, both domestic (Planetaria, LHP Hotels) and international (Belmond, Meliá Hotels Int.), was substantial if one considers the total offer in the region.

The CPR (% chain hotel compared to the total offer) was in fact around 40%. Subsequent openings of independent hotels, however, have caused a collapse of the CPR, which has reached a minimum (25%) in 2018, with only 4 chain hotels against a total of 16 establishments. In 2019, the Hotel Splendido Mare became part of the LVMH Group and reopened in 2021 following several months of renovation. In 2022 there was the opening of another chain hotel: the Carrick Hotel Camogli. In the coming years (2023-2025) there are 5 independent hotels in the pipeline (approx. 300 keys).

An analysis of the average performance of top-luxury* and non-top-luxury hotels reveals a positive trend in both key revenues and TRevPAR, which stands at around a +5% CAGR. In 2020, however, top-luxury hotels saw their revenues drop by -67%, against a -54% drop recorded by non-top-luxury hotels. On the other hand, in 2021, the turnover of the top-luxury tier stood at +5% compared to 2019, against levels still 16% lower than in 2019 for the non-top-luxury tier. In terms of margins, in the years 2013-2019, both top-luxury and non-top-luxury hotels recorded a positive CAGR. However, in 2021, it is non-top-luxury hotels that register a marked recovery (+4 pp) compared to 2019.

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