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Deloitte: more than 60% of hotel investors are international players

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte on 400 players in the tourism industry (investors, hotel groups and general managers), in 2022 the Italian hotel market recorded investments of approx. 1.6 billion, equal to 15% of the total volume of the real estate market. 70% of investments concern the luxury segment, while more than 60% of investors are international. Angela D’Amico, Real Estate & Hospitality partner of Deloitte, explains that hotel groups already active in Italy are trying to expand their presence in the area, while other foreign groups want to make their debut with the aim of rapid growth. The general managers interviewed are confident about the growth forecasts both in terms of employment and ADR. Geographically, almost 90% of investors want to invest in the North, while those who only do management prefer the Center and South, which are less saturated markets. Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice are the most popular destinations.

However, the hotel groups that are already active in Italy are mainly looking to secondary cities. On the other hand, 67% of those interviewed are interested in making investments that can reach a volume of more than 100 million. Among the business models, direct management prevails, while the MCA is considered ideal for promoting brand expansion. The Deloitte survey also opens up space for discussion on the issue of sustainability: 60% of those interviewed believe that the current commitment of the sector is not yet sufficient, considering that sustainable initiatives have a positive influence on both cost reduction and on the increase in revenues. According to hoteltransactions.it, the volume of YTD hotel transactions currently stands at Euro 278 million.

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