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Grand Hotel Milano in Brunate: A Historic Revival Set for April 2024

The Grand Hotel Milano, an exquisite Art Nouveau establishment designed in 1910, is set to reopen its doors in Brunate, a charming village nestled on the slopes of Lake Como. After a hiatus since 1982, during which it served as the headquarters for the Maharishi movement’s meditation academy, the historic hotel faced a period of neglect and degradation, exacerbated by a fire in 2012 that significantly damaged the structure.

In 1999, Tresorel S.r.l., a subsidiary of the Italiana Hotels Group led by Emilio Polillo, acquired the property with the vision to restore and position it within the luxury segment. Despite initial plans to complete the renovation in time for the Expo, the restoration project faced delays, mainly due to challenges in obtaining approval from the Superintendency. Tresorel S.r.l. finally secured the building permit in October 2017, but subsequent setbacks, including the global pandemic, further impeded progress.

The Grand Hotel Milano spans five floors, covering 5,000 m2, with an additional 500 m2 of terraces and a 2,000 m2 garden. Boasting 80 keys, the hotel will feature a wellness center, two restaurants, a wine bar, and two meeting rooms. Emilio Polillo, director of Italiana Hotels & Resorts, shared that the investment in Brunate exceeded 15 million euros, funded privately. Conveniently located near the funicular station, the hotel will offer a transfer service from Como. To accommodate guests, the company acquired Villa Camponovo in Brunate, providing a spacious 10,000 m2 car park.

Italiana Hotels & Resorts, managing a portfolio of five hotels in Milan, Florence, Cosenza, Praia a Mare (CS), and Brunate (CO), anticipates that the Grand Hotel Milano will contribute significantly to its success. The hotel, set against the scenic backdrop of Lake Como, will be managed by Italiana Hotels & Resort S.r.l., aligning with the company’s established practices for other properties in its portfolio. In 2022, Italiana Hotels & Resort S.r.l. reported a revenue volume of 11.8 million euros, reflecting a 4% increase compared to 2019, with an EBITDA % of 9.8%.

According to the Thrends Luxury Hotels Database, the province of Como currently boasts 12 operational 5-star hotels, offering a total of 642 keys. The addition of the Grand Hotel Milano will contribute to the province’s luxury accommodation landscape, with four more structures anticipated to open in the coming years, collectively adding 467 keys to the region.

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