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Bedding perspectives on CapEx volumes: evidence from Dorelan

According to Dorelan management, about 10% of the company’s turnover is attributable to supplies that were accelerated or otherwise expanded during the pandemic.

As reported by Dorelan, the intervention cost on the bedding component in a complete revamping or restructuring intervention takes up a very high budget allotment. At least 80% of redevelopment projects include at least a partial intervention on the bed system. Percentage that rises up to 100% when it comes to hotel chains.

The CapEx share on the bedding system in the luxury segment covers, if one considers 100 the cost of setting up a room, approx. 7/8% of the total. In the economy & midscale segment, on the other hand, it represents about 5/6% of the total cost.

The investment volume devolved to bedding varies among independent structures and chain ones, based on the required technological level of the product (springs and/or polyurethane, different heights, dimensions of the bed system and the type of soft bedding). However, the greatest difference in the value of the order relating to the bed system is consistently with the hotel segment of belonging (costs rise as the star rating and the product quality rise).

According to Dorelan, the investment per room in bedding for the next two years (2022-2023) is likely to rise due to the increase in the cost of raw materials. Rising prices will therefore have a significant impact on the budgets dedicated to this investment. Budgets will need to adapt to the prices upsurge as the rotation of the bed system becomes more and more frequent and in line with the new hygienic standards. To date, although the bed system is designed to last for many years, its life cycle is linked to multiple hygienic factors. The mattress must be changed after 5/7 years. Cheek pads after 2.

Also, according to the management, the sales volumes recorded in central Europe are in a phase of strong ferment, especially for the Italian market. Higher sales volumes are being recorded both in top-rated destinations such as Milan, Rome, and Venice, which have always been under the magnifying glass of international funds and chains, but also in “minor” destinations which can still guarantee an excellent profitability.

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