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Genova, Durazzo Palace Suites and Astor Hotel will be two new 5* hotels

On June 21st last year, a new 5-star hotel was opened in Genoa, the third of its kind in the city: Palazzo Durazzo Suites, a 5-star hotel with 12 rooms, located at Via del Campo 12. The hotel is situated on the site where the Palazzo dei Rolli Durazzo-Cattaneo-Adorno once stood, which underwent a 7-year renovation and conversion process due to its historical significance. The hotel was initially scheduled to open last year during the Salone Nautico, but the project faced delays due to supply difficulties. In addition to the accommodations, the hotel features a SPA and a salon that can be used for events.

The company responsible for the construction, as well as the owner and manager of the hotel, is “Cemadis S.r.l.,” which is linked to Gianni Briata and Giacomo Cattaneo Adorno. Cemadis S.r.l. also manages the Grand Hotel in Arenzano, a 4-star hotel with 110 rooms; Mirandola Suites, a collection of 6 apartments and an annex; Via di Francia – Residence Arenzano, consisting of 11 apartments; and Hotel Punta San Martino, a 4-star hotel with 72 rooms, all located in Arenzano (GE).

However, Palazzo Durazzo Suites is not the only new 5-star hotel opening in Genoa. Next year, the former Hotel Astor on Viale delle Palme, in Nervi, is also set to open. The hotel, situated within a 1,800 square meter park, will be transformed into a 5-star establishment with 37 rooms. Alongside the accommodations, there will be a SPA, two swimming pools, a restaurant, and a bar.

According to hoteltransactions.it, in 2021, the hotel was acquired by Agras Investment S.r.l., owned by Attilio Traverso and Giorgio Romanengo, and managed by Paolo Doragrossa, the former director of Melià in Genoa.

With the addition of the two new 5-star hotels, Genoa’s luxury hotel offerings will double. Prior to the opening of Palazzo Durazzo Suites, the only 5-star hotels in Genoa were the aforementioned Melià Genova, a 5-star hotel with 99 rooms opened in 2007, and the Grand Hotel Savoia, a 5-star hotel with 117 rooms operated by Planetaria Hotels.

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