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Sardinia, increased building volumes for hotels even along the coast.

In Sardinia, a contested amendment to the Financial Consolidation bill narrowly passed in the Regional Council by a two-vote margin during a secret ballot. This amendment allows for increased building volumes, including for new 5-star hotels and existing ones along the coast./span>

Out of 48 councilors present, 25 voted in favor, and 23 voted against. The amendment had previously been approved by the Fourth Committee (Urban Planning).

The approved provision, passed in the evening session, permits up to a 25% increase in building volume for new 5-star hotels beyond the 300-meter coastal zone (150 meters on smaller islands). Existing hotels can see up to a 15% increase without adding more beds.

During the same session, regulations allowing the reuse and renovation of attics, basements, pilotis, and mezzanines were also approved by a majority vote.

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