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Minor International towards the acquisition of 100% of Nh Hotel Group

Minor International recently announced the intention to complete the total purchase of NH Hotel Group, of which it currently holds 94% of the actions. The Thai group would buy, in the next thirty days, the shares of the Spanish company at the price of Euro 4.5, or 24% in more than the current value. In light of this announcement, National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has suspended on Monday the listing on the NH Stock Exchange, «waiting for more information to be released relevant”, since the announcement of the purchase of shares could trigger the launch of a public offering purchase agreement (OPA) for the remaining 6% of the Spanish company, reports Cinco Días. Since Minor acquired the majority of NH in 2018, through a public offering of purchase which valued the group at Euro 2.5 billion, the value of the shares of the Spanish group collapsed to Euro 1.3 billion.

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