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MSC acquires 49% of Moby and continues negotiations for the acquisition of Italo

In recent days, the acquisition of a 49% stake in Moby Lines, a shipping company primarily operating on routes to and from Sardinia, by the MSC Group, has been completed. The Luxembourg-based company Sas Shipping Agencies Services Sarl (controlled by the MSC Group) has entered the capital of Moby, of which it now holds practically half of the social capital, amounting to 70.8 million euros.

On the other hand, negotiations between the MSC Group and the American fund Gip for the sale of Italo are nearing completion. The agreement could be officially finalized as early as September and would value the company at 4 billion euros (twice the amount spent by Gip to acquire it in 2018). Luigi Aponte’s MSC will acquire 100% of Italo.

In addition to Gip, which currently holds 72.6%, the current shareholders include Allianz (11.5%), Infra Investors (7.6%), MoLagers (0.6%), and, for the remaining 7.7%, Italian entrepreneurs and managers. Gip and Allianz, after the sale to Aponte, may repurchase a minority stake. It is worth noting that in the past, Aponte, along with Lufthansa, had expressed interest in acquiring a majority stake in ITA Airways, but this was not pursued due to unfavorable acquisition conditions.

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