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Tenant Rating: A New Standard for the Management Reliability of Hotel Groups

Hoteltransactions presents an innovative solution to assess the reliability and capability of hotel operators in meeting their financial and contractual obligations: the Tenant Rating.

The Tenant Rating is an essential and objective tool to evaluate the financial risk and scale of a hotel group. The rating considers various key factors, including the longevity of management contracts in the portfolio, chain expansion, geographic distribution, and crucial financial indicators such as the effort rate, GOP, and net financial position.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of the tenant’s reliability and the resilience of their management model, enabling informed decision-making for structuring partnerships in the hospitality industry. Whether you are an owner or an investor, the Tenant Rating provides you with an immediate snapshot of your counterpart.

With the Tenant Rating, you gain privileged and concise information about a hotel group’s:

➥ Corporate structure.
➥ Portfolio management growth.
➥ Geographic presence.
➥ Key financial indicators.

The Tenant Rating offers an objective evaluation and provides a solid foundation for making strategic decisions in the hospitality sector. Choosing the right partners becomes easier.

We thank Luca Boccato e Francesco La Pietra for their collaboration with the new tenant of Group (AA+).
This excellent result reflects the commitment of HNH Hospitality & Residences and its team towards hospitality excellence.

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Tenant Rating HNH Hospitality
Download a preview of the Tenant Rating report for HNH Hospitality. The complete report will provide more comprehensive and detailed information.